The same care and maintenance that goes into carpet cleaning should go into your business’s upholstery. Regular cleanings of your fabric chairs and sofas, leather chairs and sofas, office panels, and any other upholstery will help to make furniture last longer and look their best.


Rangel has the highest quality, professionally trained technicians ready to handle your carpet cleaning needs. Industry standards are not only met, but exceeded by our highly motivated and knowledgeable technicians.

Carpet cleaning is an essential part of maintaining any building. Any high-traffic carpeted area will all-too-quickly look worn and dirty. When your carpet looks dirty, the immediate perception held by visitors will be that the building as a whole is dirty. Naturally, this is the last impression you want visitors to your hospital, restaurant, school, or grocery store to hold.


Fortunately, this issue is easily overcome. When it comes to carpet, people care about two things: cleanliness and preservation. You always want your carpet to look as good as possible, but you also worry that you are getting the most life out of it before it must be replaced.


Rangel Janitorial, Inc. will create a unique plan to ensure that your carpet is protected from dirt and preserved for the duration of its life. First, we will evaluate your building’s carpet to locate areas that are high traffic, high spillage, or any area that is in need of immediate assistance. Next, we will work with you to create a custom maintenance program— it will include a recommended cleaning schedule over the course of the year. This way, your entire year is already planned for interim carpet cleanings and regular carpet cleanings of high traffic areas.


Regardless of the type of business you have, accidents are going to happen. Your facility might be subject to a natural disaster, there might be a sump pump failure, or there could be a massive spill. Whatever the problem may be, you can call Rangel to professionally handle your carpet cleaning, deodorizing, or spot cleaning anytime.